Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

It's That Time Again, Folks!

 Time to adopt a quintessential Israeli traditZion and speak these words to every task asked of you for the three weeks now approaching :::

אחרי החגים

This delightful turn of phrase - Akharei haKhogeem - means "after the Holidays"


Make a donation to Israeli charity org Chasdei Naomi in memory of the 45 who lost their lives last year in Meron.

Oo, did you notice those special SHMiTHA stamps?? :} 

What Shmittah Mitzvah do you want to vivify in your life for the year?

Cancelling a debt?  Dealing respectfully wit vegetable peels? 

Friday, May 28, 2021

JUN JUL AUG Calendar Updates 2021


Your friend in interfaith time-charting.  

Inhabit your Whirld; have some adventures outdoors this June 2021:

July 2021 is so hawt rite now; Lemonade is advised:

RAAWWRR!! It's August 2021:  

Hope your Summer is inspiring, and full of good humor & kindnesss!

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Calendar for Pesach, Omer Count, Easter, Ramadan, Shavuot ~ MARGO's Calendar

Bee Blesssed; don' stresss \lehavdil/ impressssss

invest; best prep thyself to schlep. Asssesss, 

then coalesce, well~Dresssed to fresss, 

in time wit pep. Bee Blesssed.

Bee Kind. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Be made wise wit these fine clips: 

March 2021

April 2021

May 2021

Enjoy!!  Download, print and share to your Heart's content!

Lighting times are set to Jerusalem Time. 

     We learned about the colorful, vowel-pointed counting chart from Yehudit Goldfarb, Ph.D, in Tzefat, Israel. She taught us we could also dresss in the colors each day, matching shirt to one part of the count, and skirt to the other part. So, for instance, the first day is Hesed sh'b' Hesed. Hesed is here depicted as purple. Purple top, purple bottom. The following day is Gvuirah sh'b' Hesed. Blue top, purple skirt. And on and on. 
     Our chart lists as such:

Week 1 ~ Hesed is Purple ~ "eh" sound ~ Segol ~ sharing kindnesss
Week 2 ~ Gvuirah is Blue ~ 'stop' [silent] sound ~ Shva ~ honoring boundaries
Week 3 ~ Tiphereth is Green ~ "oh" sound ~ Holam ~ balancing Hesed & Gvuirah
Week 4 ~ Netzakh is Yellow ~ "ee" sound ~ Khiriq ~ Successs!!
Week 5 ~ Hod is Orange ~ "oo" sound ~ Qubutz ~ Deference..
Week 6 ~ Yesod is Red ~ "oo" sound ~ Shuruk ~ Communication
Week 7 ~ Malkhut [i call it Malwuut] is Pink ~ sound of breath ~ Ruakh ~ Companionship

     May all of your time~keeping endeavors be very blesssed.  May you be gifted with additional measures of wisdom and understanding as you give your intellect the Omer workout.


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